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Dr Emma Groves

Providing collaborative and compassionate psychological support to individuals, teams and organisations.

Connected Minds Psychological Services Ltd is based in the North East of England (Teesside) but I also work remotely nationwide. I offer a free 15 minute consultation to understand your needs and determine what support is required.  

About Me

Dr Emma Groves, Clinical Psychologist

I am a Clinical Psychologist registered with Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and over ten years of experience offering psychological support to individuals, teams and organisations within both the NHS and private sector.

Recognising when you may need some support can be difficult, and reaching out is a significant first step to moving forward with whatever struggles, hurdles or life changes you may be experiencing. I provide a collaborative, compassionate approach to mental health care, that is centred around your goals and values.
Some of the difficulties that I can provide support with include:

Relationship issues
Adjustment to life events
Work related stress and burnout

I also have extensive experience of working with teams and organisations to provide consultation and training on a wide range of topics, as well as supporting staff teams with issues such as burnout, compassion fatigue and moral injury. For more information, take a look at the services that I offer here.

Contact Me

Dr Emma Groves
Clinical Psychologist

[email protected]
07513 705823

Get in touch for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your needs

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